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The Crazies (2010)

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'The Crazies' Review
By Paolo Sardinas

The Crazies, a modern day re-make of a George A. Romero classic, joins the slew of other horror re-makes released over the last couple of years. But what sets this one apart is its free spirited, yet faithful, atmosphere that creates a thrilling experience. Its not your typical horror re-make, nor is it just any other horror thrill. Its a well made, well shot, and well acted thriller that always manages to keep you enthralled and entertained on whats happening on screen. 

Timothy Olyphant's town sheriff is standing in the stadium at a local baseball game when the town drunk shows up. He seems, well, drunk but with an extra twist. He's carrying a loaded shotgun. Whether or not he realizes what he's doesn't matter, what does matter is that he isn't drunk. Yes, he is a "crazy" but after a heated confrontation the man is shot and killed. The sheriff immediately knows something is up when accounts of "people killing other people and then just sitting there" are rising. Eventually men wearing gas masks take away the infected, which we later find out are going bonkers do to water contamination, to little concentration camps and they all get examined. Our main protagonist breaks through the barrier to go rescue his wife who is thought be infected. This is actually when the movie starts. 

After a slow beginning "The Crazies" picks up and never lets go. Its a tense and suspense filled 101 minutes filled with plenty of wide angle shots that bring you in to the "theres something right behind you" aspect of the film. Olyphant is entertaining and does well throughout the second half of the film when him and his group of friends attempt to escape from the quarantined area. At points the film's narrative will take a little joy ride but in the end it never loses focus of the route its trying to take. 

Director Breck Eisner, veteran TV commercial maker, does well with his first feature flick. His use of, like I mentioned before, wide angle shots help to create that tension and suspense that is abundant throughout the film. The original George A. Romeo version from the 70's was fun. Filling up the screen with these "zombies that aren't really zombies" type characters while still managing to entertain no matter how preposterous. This is one horror re-make that gets it right. It improves on things from its original counterpart while also injecting something new and fresh to the overall product. "The Crazies" is fun, filled with plenty of blood, gore, and suspense.

Grade: B+

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